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We gather around campfires to share stories, make memories, and spread love – just like we do in a home. But unlike campfires, buying or selling a home requires a lot more than some twigs and a lighter. 

We’re on a mission to make Colorado real estate more accessible for everyone, by simplifying the home buying & selling process and adding warmth to an otherwise cold process. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, finding a forever home, or exploring all that Colorado has to offer, we’re here to help you through this important chapter in your lives.

From finding quality listings to closing the deal, you can rely on the expertise of our real estate professionals to make the process as enjoyable as possible, leaving you to worry about gassing up the toys for the weekend.

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Meet Dillon

Since arriving in Colorado Springs in the early 1940s, Dillon's family has been deeply ingrained in the Denver community. 


After a successful career as a professional athlete, (2014 World Champion with Team Canada, 2014 MLL Championship with Denver Outlaws), Dillon carried on the family tradition and began investing heavily in his hometown and greater Denver community. 


As the founder of a community-based youth organization, as well as a sporting event company that hosts thousands of kids and parents annually, Dillon is passionate about breaking down complex processes for the benefit of others. This dedication to helping others led him to the real estate industry.


Dillon started buying rental units and flipping properties as a personal investment, and slowly built a reputation among his peers. Today, Dillon helps people from all walks of life to find their home in Colorado.


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Pops & Mimi

Makes the move from Buffalo to Colorado Springs

After growing up on the East Coast, Pops and Mimi decided to head West and set roots down in Colorado Springs in 1940.  They had several German Shepards throughout the years, including the all black shepard in this photo.


Recruited from Canada to Colorado College

Clement Roy packed his bags and hockey stick and headed to Colorado Springs to play for Colorado College.  Little did he know, WWII would put his playing career on hold.  He made up for lost time after the war by playing professionally, finishing his career at CC, and graduating with a degree.


WWII at Lowry Air Force Base

Clement Roy was stationed at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, during WWII, where he was a flight instructor during the war.  Growing up in Canada, Clement learned how to fly long before getting his driver's license, which helped him serve his newly adopted country.  After the war, Clement went on to play professional hockey and finished his career at CC.  After graduating, he had a successful career in the sugar business and retired in Arizona so that he could play golf every day.  

Eye on the Prize

Robert Donner II at College

Papa attended Yale before transferring to Colorado College to be closer to family and pursue his dream of becoming a professional race car driver. 

Need for Speed

Robert Donner II puts the pedal to the metal.

Papa embarks on racing up Pikes Peak in a Porsche, living out his dream and setting many records along the way.  

Nana the Matriarch

The animal whisperer

Behind every family is a woman who holds down the fort and makes a home feel like home.  Nana has always been known for her impeccable taste, unwavering dedication to conservation efforts, and of course, fostering an endless number of pets ranging from dogs, cats, and birds all under one roof.  

In the Blood

Uncle David and Bobby take after their father

Uncle David and Bobby take to motorsports and follow in their father's tread marks, pursuing a career in racing.  


Robert Donner II rounding out a corner at Pikes Peak

Papa had a keen interest in anything that kept time, projected light or held a razor sharp edge. If it was sleek, fast and powerful, color casehardened, blued or checkered, it caught his admiring eye.

Father like son

Monkey see, monkey do.

Steve Roy follows in his father's footsteps and sets several scoring records at Cheyenne Mountain High School.  

A Family Affair

Hall of Famers

Robert Donner II with his two sons, Robert Donner III and David Donner.  All three were inducted into the International Pikes Peak Hill Climb Hall of Fame.  

Good Shepard

We like shepards!

From left to right.  Raj, Boscha, Biancca, Hawk, and Bella.  

A Wild Man is Born

An old note left for the babysitter found at the family cabin years later. Can you guess who is the angel child and who is the devil child?

"Dillon is a wild man, so be sure to watch him at all times, with standing on the table, putting sharp or small objects in his mouth.  Distraction is the best tool for getting him to stop.  Brittany can take a nap in our room - not in pillows.  Brittany will eat bagels and cream cheese; she might have some cereal with milk; she's not much of a lunch eater.  Naps 2100 maybe earlier.  They both can have apple sauce."

Locally Sourced

Harvard of the West

After graduating from East High School, Dillon received an athletic scholarship to play lacrosse at the University of Denver.  As a four-year starter, Dillon helped the team become an eventual national powerhouse (pretty much they got really good after he graduated).  He served as Coach Tierney's first captain at DU and was named an Academic All-American and USILA All-American prior to getting drafted by the Denver Outlaws.  

Dream Come True

Do you have a sharpie?

Dillon getting to live out his childhood dream of becoming a professional athlete (even though the original dream included skates and a hockey stick like his grandpa Bubba) and signing a young fan's t-shirt after a game. 

World Champion

2014 World Lacrosse Championships

In 2014 Dillon was a member of the Canadian National Team that beat Team USA in the finals to be named World Champions.  Coincidentally, the event was held in Dillon's hometown at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Denver.  When asked why he played for Team Canada over Team USA, Dillon answered, "To follow my gut and honor my grandpa."

MLL Champion

Major League Lacrosse Champion

In 2014, Dillon was a player on the Denver Outlaws championship team, helping the organization win its first MLL Championship.  

Celebrating with Dinger

Victory lap with Dinger!

One of Dillon's oldest memories was having lunch downtown with his grandpa and getting a tour of the soon-to-be converted parking lots now known as Coors Field.

Extended Family

Denver United Lacrosse

Denver United Lacrosse is a youth lacrosse program founded by Dillon comprised of youth participants in NW Denver.  The kindergarten team in this picture was coached by Dillon's dad, Steve Roy, and his brother Matt Nelson.  Since its inaugural season in 2015, United has introduced thousands of boys and girls to the sport of lacrosse through its gym clinic program.  The organization has over 150 participants.  

If you build it they will come

Boom Town at the Air Force Academy

Dillon founded Boom Town Lacrosse, which serves the Colorado lacrosse community to this day by hosting camps and tournaments locally.  Over 10,000 players and spectators from the lacrosse community gathered at the United States Air Force Academy to participate in one of Boom Town's events, as pictured here.

Growing the Game

Glorified babysiting.

Boom Town's motto is "Let the kids play," and we put a lot of emphasis on having fun and teaching the fundamentals!  

Denver City Lax

Who wore is better?

Dillon has been a long-serving board member of Denver City Lax and helping them on their mission to create educational and enrichment opportunities for youth in underserved Denver neighborhoods through the sport of lacrosse.  Alvero, one of Denver City Lax's participants, out-dresses Dillon at the Denver City Lax gala.  

Caution: Wild Animals Crossing

Thanks for stopping by!

Not every flower can say love, but a rose can.  Not every plant survives thirst, but a cactus can. Not every person can make it through this timeline, but look at you go, little buddy! 

Here's a little gem for your unwavering focus!  A chubby Dillon and Brittany were found riding a cheetah while wearing a shirt saying, "Caution: Wild Animal Crossing!".   Don't worry, we got plenty more pictures.  Ask, and you shall receive!

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